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What people are saying about our shows:



I thought I was watching something produced by Walt Disney or National Geographic.

The quality is superb.

"I liked it so well, I then decided to watch the children's version. I loved it just as much and it made everyone watching this video easy to understand the operation of a tank steam locomotive.

"Yessiree, I reckon Golden Rail Videos has got a real winner and deserves an award."

Farol Henke

"I just wanted to let you know that both grandsons enjoy Rock Trains. They especially like it when those big rocks come out of the side of the car.

"Kadin (age 6) was
very concerned about the cows on the tracks and glad to hear the whistle
telling them to move :)

"Aidan absolutely loves his Real Tank Engines.

Usually the train videos stay at my house, but he packs that one around with him.

It's fast moving and the engines are numbered....he has a thing with numbers :)
Thanks again."

Rhonda Kinser
Hotchkiss, Colorado

"I received the new DVD (REAL TANK ENGINES) and watched it last night.

It is terrific!!

I think you have winner there. The scenes of typical operations - car spotting, coupling, etc. are really a nice touch."
John L

A Grandmother from New Zealand:

"I had my 21-month Grandson over today (who is potty about steam trains) and he would not move from the TV all morning. It was played through every option and back again.

Loved it.

A little young perhaps for the story and information. My older Grandson has yet to see it. He is 9.

Thanks for a great product."

Robyn Gabriel
Auckland, New Zealand

"They arrived today. Brilliant DVD's.... .......will be buying more from you guys. Thanks."

Grahame Hall
South Australia

(vol. 1 & 2)

"Thunder From The Wild West is great all-family entertainment. Captures life on the high desert and the impact of a railroad with a destiny."

Model Railroad News
July 2007

"The two DVD's are terrific.

The railroad parts are fantastic AND you really captured the majestic scenery beautifully.

Your shots of the Grand Canyon are about the best I've ever seen!"

Jay Carsman


My grandson (Sebastian, age 3) and I have been busy watching THE ROCK TRAINS. I think we have watched the DVD about 20-30 times.

No.10 is "Percy" and No.5 is Thomas. He is beginning to anticipate occurrences in the "tale."

He particularly likes the "dumping scenes" and anticipates "cows on the track."

The shot of No.10 chuffing over the Big Michel River bridge is one of the high points for him each time.

We both enjoy ROCK TRAINS very much. And I certainly enjoy sharing the time with Sebastian. Thank you !

Rush Bailey


"What a journey...from tree to final product! I had to go back a couple of times to get a double take of various segments! Great stuff!

I think I have watched Steam Power Sawmill at least 15 times!

The sound on the DVD is as if I was standing right there next to the machinery, that blew me away!

I look forward to future releases!

Once again, thank you for producing a fine movie!

Joel Ashcroft
(Joel has put together a website filled with fascinating logging photos at

"Thanks for producing superior videos. It is most appreciated."

"Thanks for great and outstanding videos!"

"Thanks very much for a brilliant video." (STEAM-POWER SAWMILL)


Like so many of our fans, Stephan loves to build models of railroad operations. Although from Europe he chose to model operations as seen in Western Oregon. You can see pictures of his creativity at his personal website:

We have friends all over the world. We truly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks to all for sharing your feedback and your kind words of encouragement.

(More testimonials on the pages describing the details of each show.)

Our Last Log Hauler (dvd)

Our Latest Video:  

Our Last Log Hauler, volume one. (subtitled:  "Long Days On A Short Line") 

Join us as we explore The Simpson Timber Company Railroad using rare insider-footage from 1994.


It was very sad to learn that Simpson finally ceased railroad opertions in June of 2015.

Sure....with a 130 year history, the RR was only a shadow of its former self. 

Still, I always thought they'd keep it going. (read more here)


Log Haulers in Winter dvdSix Logging Engines take center stage.

This is our latest release.

Log Haulers in Winter

Non-stop action for the steam rail fan.

Below is a sample scene.  The McCloud River Railroad #18 gets underway early one snowy morning near Mt. Shasta, California.

Learn more about this new dvd by clicking here > 
Log Haulers In Winter.


For people who are "into trains" ...particularly steam
Real Tank Engines dvd've come to the right place.

And it's a mighty handy place for friends and family of rail fans whenever a birthday or holiday is coming up.

We have something special for kids who love Thomas the Tank Engine.'s ON SALE right now.

Learn all about it by clicking on the REAL TANK ENGINES box to the right.

And REAL TANK ENGINES is discounted for the holidays.

Santa Fe steam locomotive #3751
A once-in-a-lifetime event.

NOTE:  We just gave a major makeover to the DVD that used to be called Canyon Rails Steam Celebration.  We added new footage, cleaned up images, and re-edited the whole thing to create two exciting new DVD's.

3751 DVDSteam Giants DVD

Hard to believe it's been over ten years since we filmed this rare railroad activity. It was part of an NRHS event (National Railroad Historical Society).  

But, this kind of mainline steam activity just doesn't happen very often.

That's why we decided to remake the original show. These two new DVD's reflect the true historical significance of Santa Fe steam locomotive #3751's return to the high iron...and the train she pulled.

You can see lots of pictures and information about the new 3751 DVD's here.


(BTW:  If you own the original Canyon Rails and want the new version, we have a deal for you...even if you have the old VHS version. You'll see it at the bottom of this page.)


Logging and logging railroading is the subject of this unusual DVD

DVD cover: A Day in the Woods

"A Day In The Woods" is an action-packed look at the history of logging in North America.

If you've seen lots of pictures from the early days of logging, and wondered what that equipment looked and sounded like, this one is for you.

There's lots of train-action...and other amazing steam equipment you rarely get to see in operation. 

In producting this show, we had access to stereo recordings of some old steam logging equipment.  Wherever we could, we syncronized  the action and the audio to bring life to some very old footage.

To learn more about this film, just click on A Day in the Woods.


It's a bright new Shay.

For a while we have offered a rather popular little film called SHAY POWER TOUR for people who are into logging steam equipment. Well, SHAY POWER TOUR has now turned into a big show. This month we have released a remastered, Expanded Edition.

SHAY POWER TOUR now includes a second film called, A DAY IN A SHAY. In it weShay geared locomotive follow the crew for a day-long journey to the end of the line to bring some loaded log cars back to the mill.

So, you get to see the Shay both trackside and in the cab doing what she was designed to do....haul logs.

Here is a link to see pictures and read more about the new Shay Power Tour.

If you already have the original version, follow this link to a special offer.


The Story Behind Golden Rail Video

WHY am I "crazy" enough to have produced all these films over the last 20 years?

I fondly remember as a kid our dad and uncle taking us on industrial tours...such as a paper mill, an iron-range mining operation in Minnesota, sawmills, a cheese factory, and a few breweries.

In elementary school I vividly remember field trips to the local dairy.

As a cub scout I remember touring the local GM plant watching Chevy's take shape, and to a newspaper,... and to a cookie factory!

Like most kids, I liked seeing how things work. Seeing things in action is the best...and most fun way to learn.


I also remember our Dad escorting us across a border to visit a Canadian Pacific freight yard (...back when no one seemed to mind that kind of thing). The CP was still switching cars with a little 0-6-0 steam just like my cousin's HO train set. Unfortunately, that was before I could handle a camera. (Somewhere I have a picture of that. I'll post it when I find it.)

Maybe that's why I still love seeing steam locomotives in operation.

And why most of our DVD's involve steam engines.

Steam remains an amazing technology.  (I tried to show that in fun terms in our Real Tank Engines DVD.

Whether they are big steam locomotives like Southern Pacific #2471 in our show The Secret of Niles Canyon, or Big Steam and Private Varnish.... or the little work horses seen in The True-Life Adventures of Real Tank Engines, it is fascinating to see steam technology at work.

(That must be why advertisers often create fanciful images of steam engines when they want to convey raw power. Steam engines do that.)

How are Golden Rail Videos different?

Golden Rail's videos not only entertain with lots of action, but educate.

Maybe the best thing about our DVD's are they bring both fun and knowledge to the railroad hobby. Each one tells a different part of the historic railroading story.

And we pay close attention so that our train DVD's do not repeat the same information over and over.

They are documentaries....but with a difference.

We're not like traditional documentaries. Their goal is to convey as much information as possible as quickly as possible.

And we're certainly not like an "extreme sports" TV show....where a highly-cafinated announcer attempts to squeeze drama out of images that don't really match that "in-your-face" tone.

We take it easy.

We tend to linger on the action..relishing the sounds and images...and let the story and the history unfold as part of the show.

So, we think of each of each DVD as a "True-Life Railroad Adventure."TM

It is a time consuming process to produce them this way. That's why our customers tell us, "There's nothing else out there like your DVD's."

Some customer comments are in the left column. You can see we get notes from all kinds.....from dedicated rail fans...from grandparents, ....and even from moms of young kids.

Here's a few scenes from The Secret of Niles Canyon:

(To order this video, click here.)

To learn more about it (and see a few pictures), click here.


Railfans are a diversified group. They may be collectors of art, historic chinaware or memorabilia. Or they may be artists who craft out miniature versions of the real world in exquisite detail. Or they may be hands-on types who physically restore and operate full-sized rail equipment.

And one thing they all share is that they love seeing interesting rail equipment in action. And that is where we come in. I think we produce and distribute some of the most fascinating railroad DVD's you can find anywhere.

  • Fascinating
  • Educational
  • Different

That is what we strive for with every new DVD.

(And we don't put out a lot of them either. Instead, we try to make each one worth owning.)

No Random Clip Collections

Rather than be like a daily train newspaper ...or random YouTube type video clips, each DVD is historically relevant ...a "true-life railroad adventure" that you will want to watch over and over again.

That's not only our goal, it is our guarantee.

If you aren't satisfied with one of our shows, just return it for your money back*. It's just that simple. We want you to be satisfied that your money was well spent.

(That's another reason we don't just "crank 'em out." A lot of work goes into each one...sometimes taking years to shoot and compile all the footage necessary to make a slam-bang show for you.)


Action movies where the train is the star.

To paraphrase Will Rogers:
"I never met a train I didn't like."

But my favorite has always been steam engines. That's why most of Golden Rail Video's DVD's are all about steam trains. These DVD's are not just YouTube-style, random shots of steam locomotives. Lord knows, there's an endless supply of those to watch.

Golden Rail's DVD's are real, in-depth, high-action documentaries.
We call them the American Railroad Heritage Series™.

Our fans are always telling us that they learn something new every time they re-watch one of our shows. And that's what makes us happy. With every new show we want to give you the highest value for your hard-earned dollar.

And these days, we should only spend money on the very best. Anything less is just not worthy of our money.


Video Previews
Have you seen our video previews? Some are available by scrolling down.

But, here's something more. Below is a video clip showing the entire "prologue" to The Rock Trains (Two Steam Locomotives in the Challenge of a Life Time.)

I must warn you. They talked me into doing a little 30-second, Walt Disney-type introduction. Even though I am a big fan of Walt Disney I must confess, I'm not sure I'm very good at this :-)

But, once past the intro, you can enjoy the whole opening chapter of THE ROCK TRAINS and see if it captures your interest.

Rob Simpson

To order this video, click here.

To read more about it (and see a few pictures), click here.


We are always thinking...

What if "Walt Disney" ...
or "Steven Spielberg" ...
or "George Lucas" were making
railroad videos ...just for the fun of it?

It may sound funny, but WE think about that all the time.

Walt Disney was an avid railfan. (That's why steam trains encircle Disneyland.)

Rumor has it, Steven Spielberg loves trains. (Just check out "Back To The Future 3" or the opening sequence of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".)

So, if these guys were producing railroad documentaries...

  • Wouldn't watching it be almost like an adventure?
  • Would the images be something you'd want to see over and over?
  • Would the sound be super dramatic featuring 5.1 Surround?
  • And the story would spring right out of the action so that you wanted to watch it over and over again ...and share it with your friends.

steam locomotive dvd's

Well, even though we don't have the budget of a big studio, we ARE guided by the same principles.

Story...dynamic action...and sound that adds up a rip-roaring video adventure!

Guaranteed Enjoyment!

Because here's one thing the big studios never do...

We guarantee your satisfaction with every film. Does a major studio promise your money back if you're not happy when we buy a ticket to a show?

So, by ordering directly from us you have the assurance that if you think one of our shows is a "turkey," you can send it back and get a full refund on the price of the DVD.

You may think we are a bit crazy to make a guarantee like this.

But, we are so confident you are going to love whatever you order that we do this for all our on-line customers. And we trust you that you would never betray a trust by making copies and stealing what we do for you.

We have always found our customers to possess a very high level of integrity. We've even had customers call us when we accidentally didn't process their credit card!!!

So, I hope you see that Golden Rail Video shows are not some sort of throway, "best of a web-cam" type of gallery of video clips. Or as someone once put it, videos of " bunch of trains running around."

Far from it.

Each title is a complete documentary film. Each title captivates all ages because each show tells a story.

To watch preview scenes of several of our
steam locomotive videos click here.


And here's some even better news:
We have a double-feature discount!

Thunder Under Heaven is a show we were lucky enough to shoot when we did.

Back when the Grand Canyon Railway was privately owned, they ran a steam operation that greatly resembled that of the old Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe!

The result was two unique, feature-length DVD's:

  • Thunder From The Wild West is about the building of the Grand Canyon Line and the impact it had on the Colorado Plateau. (Lots of steam action)
  • Thunder In The Canyons follows a day-in-the-life on that 126 mile-a-day steam railroad. Shot behind-the-scenes with hostlers and engineers telling their own stories.

What a shame we may never see this much daily steam action ever again. But, that makes these two DVD's even more rare.

Both are loaded with lots of train action set against the beautiful Southwest landscape.

The Grand Canyon Railway Story - Volume One
There are some preview videos to watch below.

To read all about this exciting production t
hat brings to life the fascinating railroad history of the Grand Canyon Railway, just click here.

Each DVD is like a feature film....a complete story.

Both shows were shot along the old Santa Fe Railway line that is now kn
own as The Grand Canyon Railway.

Of course, now that The Grand Canyon Railway has been sold to a big corporation, they have suspended all steam operations until further notice.

That makes all the scenes in these shows impossible to duplicate.

In both THUNDER FROM THE WILD WEST and THUNDER IN THE CANYONS we have scenes shot when the GCRy first got started and was running steam in the winter.

These snow scenes are among my favorites! I never get tired of seeing them.

Volume 1 is called Thunder From the Wild West. This show tells the often ignored story of the early days before there was a Grand Canyon National Park. The "empire-building" railroad that made it all happen was the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway.

Volume 2,
Thunder in the Canyons takes us behind-the-scenes to experience a day in the life on a major steam railroad. 128 miles every day! Think of it as 24-hours On a Steam Railroad.

And now (sad to say), with the suspension of Grand Canyon Railway's steam operations, this DVD is the only way to get a real feel for what working on the railroad must have been like 100 years ago in the Southwest.

The Grand Canyon Railway Story - Volume TwoTo read more about these two rare films featuring the Grand Canyon Railway, click here.

And as if that weren't enough.....we're having a
Double-Feature Special Price

To order both these fascinating films AND save 20% at the same time, click here.

Video Previews
(including smaller dial-up versions
for faster downloads)

Preview the action! *

Santa Fe 3751
We produce our videos as if they were
a feature film. Most of them are almost that long. So, naturally, we had to have some fun "previews" to watch.

Check out scenes from our documentaries right here.

The Grand Canyon National Park and Railway are explored in Thunder From the Wild West, another true-life railroad adventure.
Preview scenes from
Thunder From the Wild West (A railroad history of the Grand Canyon)
(dial up? click here) Read more about the Grand Canyon Railway here.

A steam engine day-in-the-life adventure is explored in Thunder in the Canyons.
Preview scenes from
Thunder in the Canyons (24 hours in the life of a steam engine)
(dial up? click here) Read more about the Grand Canyon Railway here.

Steam Power Sawmill
Preview scenes from
Steam Power Sawmill (ancient steam sawmill in action)
(dial up? click here) Read more about this steam powered sawmill here.

The Rock Trains - true-life steam locomotive train adventurePreview scenes from
The Rock Trains (2 steam engines in the challenge of a lifetime)
(dial up? click here) Read more about this incredible steam locomotive challenge

Steam Up in the Mountains features a Shay, a Heisler, a Climax, a Baldwin, and an Alco...5 steam engines.Preview scenes from
Steam Up in the Mountains (5 steam engine quintuple-header)
(dial up? click here) Read more about our geared steam engines here.

We'll be getting more on-line for you soon. We'd love to have you sign our email list and we'll keep you posted about our train activities. (See above left.)

*Playback from here requires the Windows Media Player or equivalent. To download the free Windows Media Player, click here.

Here's a picture of me
"at the office."

Rob on top of steam locomotive

People ask, "How do you make such great steam train videos?" What a fun question to answer. Yep. That's me in the picture with a big old video camera strapped under my arm on top of a steam locomotive in Oregon (Sumpter Valley Ry #19) as it barrels down the track.

Just "another day at the office?"

Well actually, not every day is as exciting as this. But, that sure was a great day!

And I get to relive those days when I work those long hours of post-production to get them ready for you.

I must not be the only one who loves steam trains. I get letters all the time saying...."Yours are the only railroad videos my family will watch with me."

They say, "You never fully recover from your first train set." I believe it.

I not only like to tell a story of steam railroading, but really convey what it was like to be there.

It always amazes me.

There on location is where the story to be told emerges from the steam and smoke. By the time I am through shooting footage, it seems as though a script for the production has been written in the clouds of steam..

Such is the exhilarating energy that surrounds the iron horse.

That's why I love going to great lengths to get shots like the story can be told with pictures as well as words.

People of all ages can share together in the Golden Rail Video experience.

You could say, "We're bringing the generations together with all the bells and whistles"...but that'd be kind of silly, wouldn't it?

Rob Simpson
Producer, CEO

"Content and story are unbeatable.

I have all (your videos) and none has been a disappointment.

Even my wife watches with me.

Keep making great videos!"


We pride ourselves on making the kind of shows you want to watch and share again and again. We even have a quality pledge guarantee we make to you.

To read this pledge,
click here.

Rob Simpson, producer of steam train videosGlad you stopped by...

I am always interested in customer feedback. Feel free to send us an email if you have any suggestions ...for a future program ...or things you'd like to see covered.

We really like producing programs about historic railroads with a lot of character. We work exclusively with the railroad when doing a production to present the story and the railroad in the best possible light. If you are part of an interesting operation, please drop me line.

You may email me here .

The Grand Canyon National Park and Railway are explored in Thunder From the Wild West, another true-life railroad adventure.Thunder from the Wild West

What railroad ended up creating a national treasure we all enjoy today?

It was the Santa Fe. In 1881 the Santa Fe Pacific was pushing West. Even then they wanted to open up the "wild west" for sightseers.

This documentary tells the often ignored history of the Grand Canyon National Park and how the Santa Fe Railway was a company with a vision that made it all happen.

The fascinating saga of the Grand Canyon Railway.

91 min. DVD in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound ($24.95)

To watch a new Video Preview, click on the box.

To read more about the history of the Grand Canyon Railway, click here.

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.

A steam engine day-in-the-life adventure is explored in Thunder in the Canyons.Thunder in the Canyons

24-hours on a steam railroad.

The journey to the Canyon.

A day-in-the-life adventure you'll never forget.

Using the historic Grand Canyon Railway operation as a backdrop you'll follow the steam crews as they take a steam locomotive on a daily 128 mile journey.

104 min. DVD in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound ($24.95)

To watch a new Video Preview, click on the box.

To read more about this day-in-the-life on a steam railroad featuring the Grand Canyon Railway, click here.

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.

The Rock Trains - true-life steam locomotive train adventureThe Rock Trains

Steam on the edge!!

Widely acclaimed as the best steam train video EVER.

Two steam locomotives battle heavy loads and steam grades to save a railroad bridge from the coming winter storms.

84 min. DVD in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound ($24.95)

To watch a Video Preview, Click on the box.

Read more about these two steam engines in the challenge of a life time right here.

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.

Steam Power SawmillSteam-Power Sawmill

An action-packed look at an industrial survivor. (An expanded version of the documentary seen on national TV).

Explore the sawmill that time forgot.

Perfect for anyone who likes to see how things are made. Ages 3 to 103.

Our all-time biggest seller.
117 min. DVD in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound
To watch a Video Preview, click on the box.

Read more about North America's last remaining Steam-Power Sawmill right here.

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.

Shay: Power TourShay: Power Tour
NEW Expanded Edition

Meet the Shay, the most popular steam locomotive on North America's rugged logging railroads.

Highly entertaining and informative. Discover the geared-locomotive design that “won the woods.” Includes the famous Shay Races from Railfair death-defying speeds of over 18 mph !!! (You had to be there to understand...or the next-best thing...Join us a SHAY: POWER TOUR.)

This new expanded edition also contains "A Day In A Shay" ...a cab ride into the woods to retrive some loaded log cars.

99 min. DVD in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound ($24.95)

Read more about the Shay geared-locomotive by clicking here.

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.

Steam Up in the MountainsSteam Up in the Mountains

Discover a “lost world” of steam railroading.

A fun introduction to logging locomotives and geared-engines. The perfect companion video to The Rock Trains.

Featuring North America's only 5 steam locomotive quintuple-header in over 50-years!

83 min. DVD in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound ($24.95)

Read more about the rare geared steam engines of North America by clicking here.

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
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Big Steam & Private Varnish DVD box

Santa Fe 3751

Relive the golden age of passenger trains. Big Steam and Private Varnish on the mainline!
(14 historic passenger cars)

Meet the steam warriors (young and old) who keep this proud iron horse alive and kicking.
For all who love rail travel.

62 min.  5.1 Dolby Surround Sound ($14.95)

To read more about this video featuring Santa Fe steam locomotive #3751 click here.

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.

Steam Giants DVD box

Steam Giants

Two famous locomotives (Santa Fe #3751 and CB&Q #4960) double-heading on Santa Fe's old Grand Canyon Line

Scenic runbys on the high desert.  Fascinating cab tours.
Historic action.

Educational & fun.

68 min.  5.1 Dolby Surround Sound ($14.95)

More details about this companion video to Big Steam & Private Varnish, click here.

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.

Age of Steam Logging
The Age of Steam Logging

A vintage forestry-museum orientation film from 1965 restored.

Acquaints viewers with the life of the early 20th century logger. Features historic steam logging films and photographs.

Includes a new prologue about the original production. Budget priced.

28 min. DVD in original mono sound. ($12.95)

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.

Stampede Pass is the star of Return of Stampede PassReturn of Stampede Pass

Our only "diesel film" was a collaboration with our friends at Machines of Iron

A forgotten yet fascinating look at the re-opening of this famous stretch of Northern Pacific track at the time of the merger with the Burlington Northern and the Santa Fe.

That means lots of mixed colors and equipment you just don't get to see any more. The beautiful vistas of Eastern and Western Washington State accent the action in this new chapter of the original Northern Pacific mainline's story.

Includes a visit to Cargill grain operations to see unloading of grain cars.

70 min. DVD presented in stereo sound. ($24.95)

Return of Stampede Pass, click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.

Niles Canyon Railway dvdThe Secret of Niles Canyon

One of history's little secrets.

NEWLY UPDATED. Now includes footage of SP #2472.

An entertaining little video about the Niles Canyon Railway where the final rail to complete the Transcontinental Railway was actually laid.

Includes TWO bonus featurettes:
1. The Complete Cab Ride in SP #2472; and
2. Highlights of the Train of Lights
(the most decorated holiday train in North America - 150,000 lights!)

38 min. plus 30 bonus minutes in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound ($14.95)

To see more information click here.

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.
Real Tank Engines (Thomas has a new friend.)The True-Life Adventures of Real Tank Engines

It's not Thomas and Friends. It's the real deal. The fascinating story of real tank engines is finally told.

Contains 2 versions on one dvd:
1 version for kids;
1 for adults (because tank engines aren't just about "Thomas". :-)

To see more information click here.

Click here to order.

Do you prefer MAIL or FAX?
To print an order form click here.

A Day In The Woods - dvd coverA Day In The Woods

An action-packed look at logging in North America.

Logging was North America's first major export. Using as much action footage as possible, we trace logging from earliest colonial days to the present.

Features lots of restored footage from steam logging days.
Click here for more information and pictures of logging.

More films coming.
We'll let you know when a new show is released
(and probably offer you a special premiere price to boot).

just sign up to our mailing list.

Sign up to be on our new release mailing list.

To order on-line click here. To mail or fax an order form click here.

Log Haulers in Winter  |   Steam Power Sawmill Grand Canyon RailwayThunder Under Heaven  |  The Rock Trains  |  Steam Up in the Mountains
Real Tank Engines   |   Santa Fe 3751   |  Steam Giants  |  Secret of Niles Canyon Age of Steam Logging