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Customer Feedback:

"A Day In The Woods is fantastic.  You have made a good job of it.  I just Love the Redwoods and Timber and sawmills."

Sandy L. 
(June 2012)

"I have never seen anything like it in my 50 years of model railroading.  Excellent."

Don Heimberger (publisher)

"A DAY IN THE WOODS is a lovely video, and most instructive.  Thank you."

John S.
Melbourne, Australia

The DAY IN THE WOODS is great.  Love the logging stuff

Ryan H.

Bellingham, WA



"What a journey...from tree to final product! I had to go back a couple of times to get a double take of various segments! Great stuff!

I think I have watched Steam Power Sawmill at least 15 times!

The sound on the DVD is as if I was standing right there next to the machinery, that blew me away!

I look forward to future releases!

Once again, thank you for producing a fine movie!

Joel Ashcroft
(Joel has put together a website filled with fascinating logging photos at

"Thanks very much for a brilliant video." (STEAM-POWER SAWMILL)

Geared_Steam_EnginesLogging history explored in this new, one-of-a-kind DVD.

Is there nothing so rare as a day in the woods?

Especially if you stumble upon a railroad that takes you back in time.

A Day In The Woods - dvd cover
A Day in the Woods

Carefully restored old films and exclusive new footage help tell the story of logging in North America.

Authentic photo freights of steam logging trains gives added detail to old footage shot in the woods.

(All photos on this page are screen shots from the film.)

Lumber was North America's first major export. A Day In The Woods explores North America's unique logging heritage going way back to earliest colonial days.

Steam donkey in the woodsOur new DVD is both entertaining for all the rare motion picture scenes presented, as well as a film of discovery.

It is broken down into indexed chapters for educational purposes as well as enjoyment.

Hobbyists who are into modeling railroading  will particularly appreciate seeing how logging operations, steam yarding, and railroad equipment was operated in the woods.


                                                                         CUSTOMER FEEDBACK                                                                              

"Well done! I cannot tell you how long it's been since I've enjoyed a video as much.
I am anxious to get back to it to watch it again (and again).

Skillful, professional, and obviously labored-over.   I highly recommend it."

Jon  B.

                                                                         CUSTOMER FEEDBACK                                                                              

"Received my dvd (of A DAY IN THE WOODS) here in the UK yesterday and had a wonderful two hours watching it - congratulations, it's another marvelous offering. You've done yourselves proud with this one."

Rick T
Wiltshire, Great Britain

                                                                         CUSTOMER FEEDBACK                                                                              

"A Day In The Woods arrived yesterday and we watched it after supper last night, 
Both my wife and myself thoroughly enjoyed this DVD, as we did with the last disc, too (The Rock Trains). 

Many Thanks and Best Regards"

Mike L
Squamish, WA

                                                                         CUSTOMER FEEDBACK                                                                              

"A DAY IN THE WOODS was far more than I had expected. This was not only about locos but a real history lesson on logging in the United States.

We had a big get together last night for “A Day In The Woods” ... If there is any one thing I can say is that you hit a homerun with this movie. What a joy it was to see all the old footage that you provided.

The movie flowed as smooth as a Shay on a long uphill grade. I can understand now why it took so long to get all of this together with your extreme attention to detail.

I am so proud to have purchased “A Day In The Woods” with an extra copy as a gift.

Lawrence A.
Hampton, VA


History Unfolding

Cutting timber with hand tools

Using as much action footage as possible, we see hand-felling of trees the way the colonists had to do it.

We see ways they devised to move logs through the woods using only hand tools, horse and oxen.

You'll see the evolution of simple innovations as early loggers grappled with timber stands that became increasingly remote.
Moving logs was always the biggest challenge.

River log drive challenges loggers

You'll see dangerous river log drives that took many a man's life as they fought t
o keep the logs moving.

Logging cypress trees in the South

You'll see how logging the prized cypress trees from the swamps of the Southern States required a whole different approach than in the mountains of the North.

Geared engines like this 2-truck Heisler made logging possible.

With the arrival of steam power, you'll see how locomotives had to be redesigned to handle the special demands of often rickety logging railroads.

Shay geared locomotive pulling a donkey.
Log trestle

Steam donkeys helped move logs closer to the railroad.

Many an impressive railroad trestle was engineered in the woods without even a blueprint.

All manner of mechanical marvels were developed to increase the efficiency of logging operations.


Logging Camps and Authentic Sounds

Logging camps are moved by train.

You'll see the evolution of the logging camps from tents into portable towns where whole families grew up.

Logs are loaded onto train cars with specialized steam loaders.

Rarely seen films of steam donkeys, yarders, and loaders have been synchronized with authentic recordings made in the woods of steam logging equipment at work.

The biggest trees on the planet were once logged with wild adandon.

You'll see harvesting the big trees of the West Coast.

See the evolution of yarding operations in action.

Logs are dumped into a log pond.
Logs ponds where logs are sorted.

Sawmills small and large.

An old paper mill.

Straddle carriers for sorting finished lumber.

The loading of finished lumber onto trains and ships in ways we no longer see.

CaterpillarTractor enters the woods with the Model 60.

The introduction of the 1st Caterpillar Tractor into the woods showed how the days of logging railroads were numbered.

Modern Logging

A Day In The Woods also traces the beginnings of forest replanting. The critical importance of maintaining healthy forests is powerfully revealed.

In the final chapter of the film, we follow the transition from steam power to the highly-mechanized logging done today.


                                                                         CUSTOMER FEEDBACK                                                                              

"I received the A DAY IN THE WOODS yesterday and watched it today. Quality work as I thought I was watching a PBS history show.  

A good history lesson on the logging industry back then and how it relates to the help from the geared and rod locomotives.... I did enjoy the close-up action scenes.... the close up of the gears and the re-railing action of the tank engine that got derailed.  

Again, quality work.

Farol H
, MI

                                                                         CUSTOMER FEEDBACK                                                                              

"Your excellent videos (A DAY IN THE WOODS and STEAM UP IN THE MOUNTAINS) arrived safely.  I am absolutely thrilled with both of them and will be ordering more down the rails a bit.

Wayne R
British Columbia, Canada

                                                                         CUSTOMER FEEDBACK                                                                              

"A DAY IN THE WOODS came yesterday. I really enjoyed it.
The DVD tells a story more than any I've seen and the old footage is great.
Good work!



Image Restoration

A lot of the old film was very difficult to appreciate due to deterioration and neglect. Some of the footage was so shaky, we thought it really couldn't be used. But, thanks to available image-restoration processing, we can now enjoy some un-duplicatable action in the context of a comprehensive overview of our logging history.

Equipment Restoration

Important railroad action is enhanced in A Day In The Woods by incorporating footage of carefully restored and authentically staged steam locomotives in the woods on an old logging line.

Authentic logging railroad equipment courtesy of the Mt Rainier Scenice Railroad.

The logging steam engines and train consists are courtesy of the ever-expanding railroad collection of the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad in Washington State.

A great debt of gratitude is owed to all the photographers who thought to take a picture of such an ordinary thing as another Day In The Woods.

(Especially photographers Clark & Darius Kinsey (see picture below.)

Shay logging locomotive and crew

A Day In The Woods can be revisited many times for all the detail presented.
The DVD even offers the ability to do repeat viewings without narration allowing the images and sounds to highlight the action surrounding the story.

A Day In The Woods is presented in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.

Niles Canyon Railway dvd

A Day In The Woods

97+ min plus additional outtake action scenes
DVD featuring 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound
Regularly $29.95
Right now ONLY $24.95

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                                                                         CUSTOMER FEEDBACK                                                                              

"I do believe Rob that you have a fantastic collection of DVD's with Golden Rail Videos and  “A Day In The Woods”  is going to be one of your top of the line DVD's to purchase.

As a long time model railroader and railroad volunteer brakeman I can really appreciate all of the dangerous situations that all these railroad workers had to deal with. Their lives were in peril every minute of every day and you gave an explicated look at that with “A Day In The Woods”.  

My hat is off to you and all of those that collaborated with you in this DVD.

You will get an A+ recommendation from me to purchase “A Day In The Woods”.

Thanks again for all your hard work. 

Lawrence A
Hampton, VA

DISCLAIMER:  There is a five minute section near the beginning of the show that talks about how great our forests are....and how important it is that we remember the lessons learned from our long ago unbridled logging practices. 

Two customers have been quite upset by this section. Evidently, it really spoiled their day to think about it.  I had to remind them that with a touch of the audio button on their remotes, the narration disappears.  That way, they don't have to be exposed to thoughts that don't fit their world view....and can still enjoy the rare images and authentic sounds of logging from the early 20th century.

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