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What people are saying about our shows:



I thought I was watching something produced by Walt Disney or National Geographic.

The quality is superb.

"I liked it so well, I then decided to watch the children's version. I loved it just as much and it made everyone watching this video easy to understand the operation of a tank steam locomotive.

"Yessiree, I reckon Golden Rail Videos has got a real winner and deserves an award."

Farol Henke

"I just wanted to let you know that both grandsons enjoy Rock Trains. They especially like it when those big rocks come out of the side of the car.

"Kadin (age 6) was
very concerned about the cows on the tracks and glad to hear the whistle
telling them to move :)

"Aidan absolutely loves his Real Tank Engines.

Usually the train videos stay at my house, but he packs that one around with him.

It's fast moving and the engines are numbered....he has a thing with numbers :)
Thanks again."

Rhonda Kinser
Hotchkiss, Colorado

"I received the new DVD (REAL TANK ENGINES) and watched it last night.

It is terrific!!

I think you have winner there. The scenes of typical operations - car spotting, coupling, etc. are really a nice touch."
John L

A Grandmother from New Zealand:

"I had my 21-month Grandson over today (who is potty about steam trains) and he would not move from the TV all morning. It was played through every option and back again.

Loved it.

A little young perhaps for the story and information. My older Grandson has yet to see it. He is 9.

Thanks for a great product."

Robyn Gabriel
Auckland, New Zealand

"They arrived today. Brilliant DVD's.... .......will be buying more from you guys. Thanks."

Grahame Hall
South Australia

(vol. 1 & 2)

"Thunder From The Wild West is great all-family entertainment. Captures life on the high desert and the impact of a railroad with a destiny."

Model Railroad News
July 2007

"The two DVD's are terrific.

The railroad parts are fantastic AND you really captured the majestic scenery beautifully.

Your shots of the Grand Canyon are about the best I've ever seen!"

Jay Carsman


My grandson (Sebastian, age 3) and I have been busy watching THE ROCK TRAINS. I think we have watched the DVD about 20-30 times.

No.10 is "Percy" and No.5 is Thomas. He is beginning to anticipate occurrences in the "tale."

He particularly likes the "dumping scenes" and anticipates "cows on the track."

The shot of No.10 chuffing over the Big Michel River bridge is one of the high points for him each time.

We both enjoy ROCK TRAINS very much. And I certainly enjoy sharing the time with Sebastian. Thank you !

Rush Bailey


"What a journey...from tree to final product! I had to go back a couple of times to get a double take of various segments! Great stuff!

I think I have watched Steam Power Sawmill at least 15 times!

The sound on the DVD is as if I was standing right there next to the machinery, that blew me away!

I look forward to future releases!

Once again, thank you for producing a fine movie!

Joel Ashcroft
(Joel has put together a website filled with fascinating logging photos at

"Thanks for producing superior videos. It is most appreciated."

"Thanks for great and outstanding videos!"

"Thanks very much for a brilliant video." (STEAM-POWER SAWMILL)


Like so many of our fans, Stephan loves to build models of railroad operations. Although from Europe he chose to model operations as seen in Western Oregon. You can see pictures of his creativity at his personal website:

We have friends all over the world. We truly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks to all for sharing your feedback and your kind words of encouragement.

(More testimonials on the pages describing the details of each show.)

Our Last Log Hauler (dvd)

Our Latest Video

Join us as we explore The Simpson Timber Company Railroad using rare insider-footage from 1994.

NOTE:  A proper page with pictures from the show is coming soon.
But, the dvd is ready to ship and can be found on our order page.

It was very sad to learn that Simpson finally ceased railroad opertions in June of 2015.

Sure....with a 130 year history, the RR was only a shadow of its former self. 

Still, I always thought they'd keep it going.

Maybe it was because of my last name (Simpson), but for some reason in the Spring of 1994, Simpson's upper management finally approved my going behind the scenes and documenting  everything about their railroad ...and their mills ...and their logging sites  ...and the interchange with the  "Burlington Northern"  ...the whole works.

It was June of 1994, when I arrived for a full week of shooting. 

Simpson Timber graciously allowed me access throughout their private land holdings. 

(I was younger at that time, and didn't realize what a rare opportunity this was.  Most railfans were quickly escorted off.  I was too busy having the time of my younger life to fully appreciate it! 

Simpson #1202 in Dry Sort Yard But, I knew I was getting some great footage...and great stereo sounds.  On the Simpson, the whistles echo beautifully off the trees and mountains.)

The finished film was intended to be a joint release with another company.  But, that relationship fell apart when they didn't "get" how fascinating the railroad was...and the footage fell unseen into a vault....(their vault).


A few years ago, I finally regained possession of the raw footage (thanks in no small part to legal advice from railfan/Shay fireman Martin Hansen).  But, being pulled in different directions, I was never sure if people would be truly interested in this production enough to justify the effort required to produce it properly.

But,  last Sping, ....I finally decided to just do it. 

Why ?   Before my eyes, the footage had become "historic".  

There were no more rails to the high country...up to Cook's Reload where we had gone in '94..  (We had cab footage of that journey.  And that was just from one day's shooting.)

Simpson had a small fleet of first generation diesels then.  Three SW1200 an ALCO
Switching the yard 600...and an EMD SW9.  All in immaculate condition.  And Simpson Engineer Pete Replinger made sure we got great footage of each one.  

Back in 1994, almost every train had a caboose. Talk about picture perfect.


If logging railroads are of interest to you at all, you will love this show.   And be sure to sign up for our (very infrequent) mailing list. 
(We don't send emails, unless we have something new to say.)

We'll let you know as soon as volume two is ready.

In the meantime, here is Pete Replinger's "Peninsula Railway #16" deep in the woods on the Simpson line for a log train photo opportunity.

More films coming.
We'll let you know when a new show is released
(and probably offer you a special premiere price to boot).

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